JackoConUpon Arriving at the Crowne Plaza Hotel we could tell we came to the right place. We proceed to check into our rooms and order some room service. Before it arrived I decided to take a stroll to the underground concert room the hotel provided for the “Halloween Horror Rave”, which was quite electric. You could feel the excitement in the air for tomorrow and the pleasant activities the day will bring along with the convention. I head up to the room, devour the food brought up by the hotel and let sleep quickly carry me away.

The next day came early as we were told of the breakfast provided by the con, so we head down to the front desk to ask about it and a snippy young woman whose name escapes me, looks at us confused as she correctly says we should have received the vouchers for the breakfast upon check in. We refute and say no such thing happened. She responds accordingly and hands us the vouchers we asked for.

The breakfast was delicious and paid for by the con and I must say I left with a belly fuller than most, but satisfied. We head to the room and collect our wares and items for the booth set up, and head back to the conference room as the dealer’s room will open at 12:00 PM (which I thought was a bit late).


We show up to the dealers room only to be caught in a load of chaos, this was not a good sign. There weren’t enough tables to fit all the vendors who had arrived and it took until 2 0’clock to get entirely sorted out. Our booth was located outside the dealer room along with other “Brony” vendors into the “Brony Café”, which was a medium room decorated to look like a small café or sweets shop, catered to Bronies. Some wonderful girls by the name of “Em and Brie”  were in charge and I must say this idea went amazingly. Between the waitress’s dressed as the Main six, to the cupcakes which were also flavored to the lovable ponies as well. It was spectacular and delicious!

The rest of the convention ran a bit slow with few guests and many vendors and celebrities. But it was a Friday and we were expecting the larger of the masses to visit us on the weekend.

That evening after packing up for the day the convention had a rave and concert play for the evening festivities. Not sure who played at the concert in the underground concert room but the rave was exciting! That evening I did not stay, we had a long day tomorrow so it was time to recharge.

The next morning follows with disaster! Gavin and I head to the front desk to pick up more vouchers and with disdain the concierge obliged after saying we should have received all the vouchers we needed upon check in. We dined upon a delicious breakfast as usual and afterword’s head to the Café. What was next was not what we expected.

We waited patiently with every vendor there and all the celebrities for the hotel staff to open the doors. It was already an hour past when it should have opened. The Con Manager, “Nyte Breed” or so he was dubbed throughout the con, was running around stressed and with inquiry he told us the hotel had been giving us problems which explained a lot. So just like everyone else did, we waited and waited and what seemed like 3 hours later, we got the news that since the contract was written, the hotel had switched management and no longer wanted to honor the contract.

Not only did they no longer honor the contract they no longer honored the con, rooms rented, and meals comped by the con. The Crowne Plaza hotel of Albuquerque, New Mexico had officially shut down Jacko Con 2013. Not only did many people pack up and leave angrily, many were up in arms against the hotel. So Gavin and I packed up and headed home, saddened at the sudden turn of events.

We do not place any blame on the convention hosts. They tried to do everything in their power to make this an awesome convention. The Brony Cafe was spectacular, the events planned ahead seemed great, and Nyte Breed was accommodating to the many requests given to him. We hope that the Crowne Plaza  Hotel learns from this mistake on their part. As for us at Southwest Bronies, we will never attend any event at this hotel, nor stay there for any reason.

-Berry and Gavin

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13 Responses to Jack O’ Con Cancelled

  1. Rarity says:

    From what I heard, the hotel shut the convention down because none of the deposits that the convention board were suppose to pay, got paid. I’ve heard from several of the “celebrities” that NO ONE’S contracts are being honored, not just the hotel. I know nothing first hand, but in the conversations I’ve been having with people, Nyte Breed has been called “shady” more than once.

    • gavin seabrook says:

      We cannot personally speak for Jack O Con, or its staff. We also can’t go too much into detail of things that we witnessed there because the convention holders legal team is working on this issue currently. But what we can say, is that the hotel was paid, or they would not have allowed them to even open the first day. This was our first time going to a convention hosted by Nyte Breed, but he was quick to help remedy everyone’s problems and he was able to get everything under control until it came to this. As soon as we are legally allowed to post more information on the exact happenings, or there is a news release, we will post more information on this. But on another note, this is not the first time this hotel has done this to a convention before, so keep that in mind as we all wait to see what unfolds.

  2. RetroSAX says:

    I find this to be rather saddening. Whenever cons are shutdown, it means a lot of happy memories were lost. :(

  3. Luna says:

    I personally just think the hotel realized that the event was poorly planned and horribly managed. I lost hope in it and labeled it a fiasco 2 months ago, so I’m not really surprised.I work in hospitality, and have organized events like this one on a smaller scale. I can tell you that for my hotel, once you’ve paid your deposits and fees, you can do whatever the hell you want, your event can be a fiasco, or a hit, and the hotel doesn’t care because they got paid. Plus, I know that plenty of other events have been successfully carried out at the same hotel. From the utter chaos people arrived to, I’d say this was not the fault of the hotel, but lack of planning and management. The websites (plural) did not have a set schedule, were broken and poorly formatted with broken links and a huge lack of info. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of ticket options, many of which seemed to overlap, do the same thing, or cost more for less features. The prices were ridiculous for most of them, the management was terrible at pr and customer service, and the website was a fiasco. The whole thing was an insult to cons in the first place, so again, I’m not surprised it pulled a titanic. The reason I wanted to go in the first place was to see a specific musical artist, and that artist just disappeared one day from the website with no explanation or reason, as if they promised it before they booked the artist and then couldn’t get them to come. It was like it never even happened, but I know it did and so does the friend with whom I was going to go with. The prices were crazy for such underground groups, too. Blame the hotel all you want, I maintain that it was the con’s mismanagement that caused it’s failure.


    • gavin seabrook says:

      The only thing we can do from this point is see what happens. It is too hard to tell who is at blame quite yet because of the situation they are in legally through contract. I am leaning towards the hotel for the fact that once things got sorted out on the first day, everything from that point seemed to be running smoother. I was actually looking forward to our second day there, but that never happened. But at least I made some new friends there and got some neat swag.

  4. NDKDenver says:

    You should come to Nan Desu Kan in Denver. If you need any extra information, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. My name is Jinnie and I am the head of press for NDK. Hope to talk to you soon!


    • gavin seabrook says:

      We appreciate the invitation to your convention. But in the future, please do refrain from bad-mouthing other cons when the full details of such cons have not be released. We are all Bronies here and should know to love and tolerate everypony.

      • NDKDenver says:

        Well seeing as how you like to edit the content of my message, I have talked with the other NDK Directors and I’ve come to decision to retract my invitation on the grounds of a permaban for you and your entire group. I have no problems saying this publicly, either. Have a nice day!

        • gavin seabrook says:

          We are sorry to hear that. The reason your comment was edited (if you read the reply to your message), is that we do not condone bad mouthing of other conventions in that way. We are Bronies and need to act like it. This means loving and tolerating. Not calling out other convention heads “Morons” or that they are “Crappy” conventions, especially if your were NOT there yourself. It is difficult to judge a situation when you were not present for it. I am also sorry that you have decided to “Permaban” us from your convention, but with the experience you have displayed with your actions, I am not sure your convention is the place for us to be. Again, I apologize that you feel this way and came to this decision, but just know the reason your comment was edited was due to the fact that we do not condone that here.

  5. Phobos says:

    Blame the promoter. He screwed the hotel, he screwed the celebs, he screwed the fans and screwed the vendors/artists. Fans and vendors asking for refunds are getting their posts deleted. http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/11/04/one-artist-attending-jack-ocon-tells-their-story/

    • gavin seabrook says:

      I would not be so quick to judge. Yes you have this artist’s viewpoint and they are well entitled to their view. Yet our viewpoint is much different and we were vendors just the same. Jack O Con staff have been nothing but helpful to SWBronies and we have faith that things will smooth out. Our experience was one of hostility on the hotel’s part. We have already made our personal complaints to corporate for those issues, such as rude front desk employees and lack of services provided by the hotel to us as guests, having nothing to do with the con. To clarify about that, we have a four month old and a toddler, hotels provide cribs for guests with small children, as we had received at that same hotel during prior stays. This experience was that the hotel could not provide a crib because they couldn’t find one and were pretty rude about the whole situation, so our four month old had to sleep in her car seat all weekend. That is unacceptable from a hotel with a four star rating and it stated on their site that cribs are available. Everyone is trying to make this the hotel’s fault or the promoter’s fault. NOTHING in life is that black or white. What we saw during the con was the event staff hurrying to help vendors and artists, trying to accommodate with what they were given. our experience with the event staff was great. Our experiences with other vendors and guests were also good. Did the con go as planned, I think that’s obvious that it didn’t. There has been enough fingering pointing from people that weren’t even at the con. Like I stated our experience with the con promoters was pleasant and not so much with the hotel, but this is just our side, our experience. Others can state their experience as well. We did not post our experience to start fights or to start pointing fingers. Unfortunately, due to the service we received from the hotel we will not be attending events there or staying there any time we are in Albuquerque. What is to come from Jack O Con? Only time will tell and once we know something so will our SWBrony community.

  6. Phobos says:

    If he refunds vendor and fans, it would say a lot toward his character. But any requests by fans and vendors on the FB page has been deleted, and he’s disabled the ability to post. Makes it look like hes hiding…

    • gavin seabrook says:

      At the day the convention was cancelled, it was stated that refunds will be given, but it will take some time. The reason he is not allowing any posts to the site is because of the upcoming legal suit they are filing. They stated refunds could take a few weeks, but they will be given. He is not going to do the same thing that Sandi Haas did to Las Pegasus Con. It states that they are planning to give refunds on his last comment on the Jack o Con facebook page.

      “Many people are asking about refunds, We will be working to resolve this and other issues in a timely manner.” – Nyte Breed

      Have faith in humanity. I was able to meet Nyte Breed and he was sincerely upset about the hotel cancelling the contract and was sincere about refunding the money all us vendors paid as I am sure that also applies to the con attendees.

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