Welcome you Southwest Bronies! So the first art contest we have held is finally over! Judging was very difficult this time around, even though we didn't have as many entries as we would have liked, we still received some excellent art! These pieces were judged on creativity, design style and content!

So here are the results of the top placement winners!


The winner of the First Place prize goes to CYTOZIRE! This image we received was absolutely stunning! It was very original, creative and unlike most images we have seen! Congratulations Cytozire! We will be in touch with you soon!




The winner of our Second Place Prize goes to ALICIA LUNDBURG! Her image was indeed a close competitor for First Place, but fell shy by only 4 Points! Very great work and we hope to see more images like this come from talented people such as Alicia.




The winner of our Third Place prize goes to HEATHER! Her fan art was popular with many of the judges for its  use of lighting, realism of the desert and overall look as a finished product! Great work Heather!




There was one piece of work that was submitted to us that we thought was VERY creative and deserved its own spot on the contest wall. Though this person will not receive a prize, besides a Southwest Bronies Art Contest Button, we would like to applaud them on such an interesting piece of work. This particular creation has 3 different phases. Standard painting, black light painting, and glow in the dark painting. Like nothing we have seen before, it was definitely a treat to see! This piece set was submitted by GEORGE GRILL-PERRY! 

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Here are some of the other Runner Up Entries we have received. Great effort on everyone's part and we hope to see you enter again in our next contest! Better luck next time!

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Remember, we will be hosting many contests for different areas of talent! Keep an eye out for our next free contest!